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We Clear Power Lines to Protect You and Your Service

Trees add tremendous value to our homes and communities. They are a source of beauty in our landscapes, provide food and shelter for people and wildlife, shade our communities, provide oxygen and offer a multitude of other benefits. However, trees growing near power lines present some real challenges. They can cause power outages, fuel fires and can be deadly to our employees and members when not properly managed. 

The primary cause of blinks and power outages on KEC’s electrical system is trees contacting power lines. This happens most often during windy or snowy weather. Some outages last only a second, causing a momentary blink, while other outages can last much longer. 

We make every effort to provide you with safe and reliable electric service. At KEC we maintain a safe right-of-way of 15 feet of clearance on either side of the power lines. However, most of the trees that cause outages are not within our power line easements. While KEC has the authority to cut trees that grow within these easements, there are some restrictions that apply to trees growing beyond them. Before removing a tree growing outside our easement which threatens our power lines, landowner permission is needed. Once we receive permission the trees will be removed at no cost to the member. Landowners who refuse to allow KEC to remove at-risk trees on their property which threaten our power lines will be notified in writing of their liability for damage those trees may cause.

Both the National Electric Safety Code and Idaho Statute 55-2402 require that we maintain a safe clearance zone around wires not only for public safety, but to ensure reliable electric service.

If you have a tree of concern on your property that could fall into a power line, please don’t cut it down yourself. If it’s a risk to our power lines, we will be happy to remove it at no cost. In the event it’s not, we can help you identify a qualified arborist who can help you remove it. 

You can contact us about problem trees using our website reporting form. You may also call Kurt Lyon, KEC Right-of-Way Specialist, at 208.292.3216.

Doug Elliott
KEC General Manager

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