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Power Outage Safety Tips

KEC Crews Working

Power outages are usually infrequent and brief, but there are times, due to the weather and acts of nature, when your electricity may be interrupted. At KEC, we’re doing all we can to prevent power outages but on those occasions when they do occur, KEC crews are on call 24 hours a day and ready to be dispatched throughout our service territory. 

When the Power Goes Out

Please contact KEC to report the outage. KEC’s outage reporting system will also let you know if we are already aware of the outage and provide updates, such as estimated restoration time if available. There are two ways to report outages:

  • Use our SmartHub app. Create an account or log in to the app and you can also receive outage notifications. 
  • Call 1.877.744.1055. 

Follow us on Facebook for power outage updates or visit our outage map.

During the Power Interruption

  • Stay away from power lines on the ground. Always assume downed lines are energized even if the lines are sagging or broken.
  • Do not attempt to remove trees or limbs from lines.
  • Do not sit in an idling car in the garage to get warm. Never use a camp stove or charcoal grill indoors to generate heat.
  • Unplug electronic equipment such as TVs, computers and microwaves.
  • Lower the thermostat to a minimum.
  • Turn off all appliances that were on when the power went out.
  • Leave an outside light on so repair crews will know when power is back on.
  • Have a battery-operated radio or TV. In the case of large outages, KEC notifies the media of the status of the outage.
  • Have a cell phone or inexpensive, basic phone available to make and receive calls during an outage. Many of the latest phone models do not work without power.

How Our Outage System Works

A power outage reported using our outage number is automatically matched to our computer database using the phone number you call from. If you're not calling from the phone number in our system you can enter the number tied to your KEC account or you can enter your KEC account number and still be automatically matched. The location of the outage then lights up on a map. This is why it is beneficial for KEC to have on file the phone number you are most likely to call from to report a power outage.

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