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Member vs. KEC Responsibilities

Knowing the safety precautions and legal responsibilities of your electric service is important for all KEC members. You may not be aware of what equipment is the homeowner’s responsibility and what is KEC’s responsibility. Electric meters are the property of KEC. Removing the meter with current flowing through it can lead to an electrical explosion. The person working with the meter could be injured or killed. If you’re planning on doing electrical work, contact KEC and we will send certified personnel to your site. Under no circumstance should meters be removed or relocated—temporarily or permanently—by anyone other than authorized KEC employees. 

For overhead service, KEC is responsible for the cable that runs from the utility pole to your home. This wire is called a “service line.” The service line connects to your house at the “service mast,” a vertical pipe-like structure attached to the top of the box that houses your electric meter. The service mast and the box that holds the meter are the homeowner’s property and responsibility.

For underground service, KEC is responsible for the transformer, underground wire from the transformer to the meter, and the meter. If you have any questions about your electric service responsibilities, please call KEC at 208.765.1200. You can also view the Electric Service Handbook.

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