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#KECRocks Contest

Did you find a rock?

If you are a KEC member: Post a picture of you and the rock to one of our social media sites (Facebook, Twitter or Instagram) using the hashtag #KECRocks. Then, send us a private message with the name and service address on your KEC account so we can apply a $25 credit to your bill! Feel free to keep the rock or hide it somewhere else, however, each rock will only provide one bill credit.

If you are not a KEC member: Feel free to keep the rock, hide it somewhere else, or give it to someone who is a KEC member so they are eligible to receive the $25 bill credit.

General Contest Rules:

  • Each rock is only eligible for one bill credit.
  • Redeemed rocks will be posted on our website and social media channels during normal business hours.
  • KEC members are only eligible to receive one bill credit. 

Week 1 Rocks - July 31, 2017                                                                             

Shark painted rock

Owl painted rock

State of Idaho painted rock

Week 2 Rocks - August 7, 2017

Fish painted rockClaimed credit 8/21/2017

Cherry tree painted rock

Flower painted rock

Week 3 Rocks - August 14, 2017

Three amigos painted rock

Jellyfish painted rock

Windmill painted rock

Week 4 Rocks - August 21, 2017

Butterfly painted rockClaimed credit 8/21/2017

Sunflower painted rock

Rainbow painted rockClaimed credit 8/25/2017

Week 5 Rocks - August 28, 2017

Rainbow painted rockClaimed credit 8/29/2017

Claimed credit 8/29/2017

Claimed credit 8/29/2017

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