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Energy Smart Grocer

BPA and EnergySmart Grocer Bring Energy Savings to Life

The Bonneville Power Administration is teaming with EnergySmart Grocer to meet the need for improved energy efficiency throughout the Pacific Northwest. The program is funded by BPA to help commercial customers within local utility territories reduce their energy use through high-efficiency upgrades. EnergySmart Grocer provides personalized support and incentives that offset the upfront costs of installation, making it easy and affordable for participating businesses to achieve significant savings on their utility bills. The end result is a stronger bottom line for program participants, and an improved environmental impact that benefits the entire region.

EnergySmart Grocer offers a range of proven energy-saving solutions for grocery stores and other commercial retailers, primarily in the areas of refrigeration and lighting. Examples include:

General Lighting
LED Case Lighting
Restaurant Measures
Single Compressor Floating Head System
Strip Curtain and Vinyl Door
Walk-in Evaporator Fan Control—ECM Add-on
Walk-in Evaporator Fan Motor—ECM Retrofit

The relationship between EnergySmart Grocer and Bonneville Power Administration benefits the entire region. Together, we're enabling program participants to save energy and money while reducing their environmental impact.


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